Alte Simplonstrasse 39, 3900 Brig-Glis. AiR im ersten Stock



Make a stop in Brig. Bring us your visions, images and stories. Then listen and watch ours.

Brig-Glis is a city in the Swiss Alps, situated on old and new trade routes, in the middle of alpine tourist regions. As a border town with Italy, you can feel the southern dolce vita, which mixes with the thoroughness of the German Swiss and the hospitality of the «Romands».

The Residence at the “Alte Simplonstrasse 39” in Brig offers artists of the visual arts the possibility to live and work in Brig for 3-6 months. Apartment and studio are available free of charge, including water, heating, electricity, household insurance, liability insurance for the apartment, internet and TV. Artists are responsible for personal accident and health insurance, travel expenses and residence permit in Switzerland. They are also responsible for living expenses during their stay and for cleaning their apartment and studio before departure.

However, a monthly allowance of CHF 400 compensates for expensive living and/or travel expenses in Switzerland.

At the end of the residency, the artists are invited to present their work in a work show/exhibition. This work show will be integrated into the annual program of exhibitions of the Upper Valais Art Association (